WHAT IS WoodPlastic®?


WPC is a modern, ecologic composite material made of wood and polymer, in our case 60% wood and 40% HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene). The main advantage of WPC is that it retains the best properties of wood while eliminating its problems.

The quality and durability of WPC products is determined by the proportion and characteristics of materials in the mixture, their specification is the subject of license and the result of years of research and development. Differences in the quality of the final products may vary for different manufacturers.



Easy maintenance saves your time and money

The TERAFEST® decking and fences unlike the wooden ones requires no waxing, oil-coating or other treatment. They are color-fast and they do not change their shape over time.

TERAFEST® decking is safe for your children

Our decking is splinters free. The surface (regardless the design) is anti-slippery and the hidden fastening ensures smooth surface without any risk of injury.

TERAFEST® products and durable and long-lasting

All the TERAFEST® products resist whims of weather – rain, snow, frost and sun. They are resistant to salted and chlorinated water.

TERAFEST® is environmentally friendly

The manufacturer – WPC – WOODPLASTIC a.s. is PEFC certified and all the TERAFEST® products are 100% recyclable.

Exceptional quality – warranty up to 25 years

The long life of our products is demonstrated by years of use around the world and industrial stress tests.


Czech production with an American license

Our own production allows us to offer our customers several advantages – higher quality, accuracy and flexibility of production, high volume of production, years of experience and the wide range of colors and designs of our products. We use the patented technology of Strandex Corp., “years of experience” and “100,000 miles of boards”.

Production technology

The principle of production is in conjunction of wood fibers and HDPE polymers. The process is called extrusion. Under high temperatures all the materials are mixed together and final profile is achieved by extruding the material with the mold of the desired shape. Following step is cooling, cutting into desired length and final surface grinding.


ISO 9001 – we obey the principals of quality management

ISO 9001 certification is proof of our commitment to the quality of our products and services and our goal of continuous improvement. We hereby publicly declare our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers by delivering quality products and services.

PEFC – Responsibility for sustainable development

PEFC certification demonstrates that WPC – WOODPLASTIC a.s. to produce its products exclusively uses wood from sustainable managed forests.


Construction technical approval No. STO – AO 224 – 820/2017 (decking profiles)

Construction technical approval No. 010-035107 (cladding profiles)

Material property tests

Migration of elements – INSTITUTE FOR TESTING AND CERTIFICATION, a.s. (Zlín, Czech Republic)

Surface hardness and Microbiological resistance tests – The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS CR (Telč, Czech Republic)

Anti – slip resistance – Entwicklungs – und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (Dresden, Germany)

Aging tests – Laboratories of Strandex Corporation (USA), INSTITUTE FOR TESTING AND CERTIFICATION, a.s. (Zlín, Czech Republic)

Certificate of electrostatic charges – Leitat Technological Center, Barcelona, Spain

Certificate of volatile substances,  (Zlín, Czech Republic)


WoodPlastic® decking designs